Solution tutorial alright this time we’re going to just keep it very simple alright a lot of persons called a note notepad plus plus and what happens is most of the time you guys have to code and if you’re a beginner you have you are faced with this white background this one right here and if you’re going to be coding for a long time one thing you are going to start wondering if I don’t want to damage my eyesight, I don’t want to be staring at this bright screen throat because that can lead to problems later on. So what you want to do is change the Background and theme in notepad plus plus and maybe choose a darker theme or something but the question is how do you do it. So I’m here to show you just that all right so let’s get to it alright to change the theme in notepad plus plus

Step by Step How to Change The Background and Theme in Notepad Plus Plus

What you need to do is go to settings star configurator that is set in star configurator click on that and which what you’ll see is select a theme it’s automatically on your default alright and then over the side where you see a language, you see a bunch of languages.Background and Theme in NotepadThat you can program in languages that you can actually use with notepad plus plus what you can do is seem a theme or a present a dream for that particular language, but overall I am just going to change the global one. You keep it on global styles and then you select a theme so you just click the drop-down here and let’s just say I’m going to click and this gives you instantly a preview of what the theme looks like so you can click blackboard even Hello Kitty which is very bright and hard to look at and even hard.Background and Theme in NotepadAnd you can go over to the font size it’s the size and you can select a different font if for instance, you can say this small text right here. So I’m going to go here and select on next font size let’s just say I’m going sixteen is always a good font size and you could click on bold italic underline and all that good stuff.

But you don’t probably want to put on underline don’t do that because you can mess up you whatever language. You’re doing if it has you know features that are already underlined and you can just simply save and close the next time you open notepad plus plus you’ll see just that that just no your global style for notepad plus plus so happy coding guys and you know it seems like a basic but when I started with notepad plus plus this was a hard thing to find because it’s not where you think it is, so remember it’s in settings style, configurator, alright thank you.