Hey, guys today I will show you how to fix access denied while editing in notepad when while editing some add files first. I will show you the error let me go into this file don’t worry no ties anything you do with this I’m just using it for examples:Fix Access Denied While Editing in Notepad Let’s look at this file, this file is Naruto’s config file I wanted to I wanted to change it but I couldn’t. Here’s there let me change something here let me make this one and this one and one. So when I click close and click save this box pops up you say or no problem do this looks normal and click Save yes and you get this error access is denied Fix Access Denied While Editing in Notepad Let’s fix it first you need to right-click on the file that you want to change notepad file and go to security page. now you click Edit and you see some packages here system administrators and users and all application packages. You need to do is click on full control on each one. So all application packages full control ok I click that full control system I can click it anyway so peasant same I can click it, users, yeah I click full control on users I press I click apply ok.Fix Access Denied While Editing in Notepad So it’s fixed let’s check I’m changing it again random thinks then I press save it will save with no problem thanks for watching guys