Welcome to another tutorial how to monitor text file with Notepad++ so today we’ll be talking about a useful plugin for notepad plus plus called document view so are you ready let’s get started. So actually this plugin allows you to view or monitor your log files changes are they appear in real time or as the changes are written to the desk.

Notepad ++ Monitor Text File Changes in Real Time

Monitor Text File With NotepadSo first of all let me install that plug-in so as usual, we go to our plugins menu then plug-in manager then show plugin manager and from the list we look for the plugin called document monitor as you can see here we just check the box and install it. So of course not purpose plus need to be restarted so I will just hit yes so once restarted.Monitor Text File With NotepadWe can see the use of this plugin so first of all, let me show you a log file for example here I’m working with the web server called cacti. so any changes that I made to this web server actually are written to a log file called access that log so I will open that file so here you can see all the changes that I made to my web server. If I go to the bottom and if I return back to my web server and I made changes for example, I view this graph or something like that as you can see I can attach say the changes on my file. I have to reopen it once again in order to view the changes but with this plugin. I can do that very easily.Monitor Text File With NotepadSo our get my log file open then I will go to my plugins menu then document monitor plugin as you can see there is only one option it needs to start the monitor. If I just hit this start monitor now I can see the changes that appear in my file in real time so I’ll click on start to monitor okay.Monitor Text File With NotepadOur turn back to my web server and I try to make some changes so for example, I go core server they lick that as you can see how the changes appear in notepad plus plus because we have enabled this plugin. We are now in line ten thousand forty-eight let make some changes when Santa last six hours as you can see other lines have been added and we can view them in real time so once finished, we can go just to our plugins menu then document monitor then stop monitoring. So it’s a very useful plugin if you want to monitor your log file is in real time as always I hope it has been informative for you and I want to thank you for viewing bye-bye.