Notepad++ take a look at editor and ASCII text file editor out there for Windows, has received AN update. The new Notepad++ seven.5.6 version, except fixing 2 crashes and rising operate list and ghost typewriting, comes with AN Easter egg enclosed.

Find area Invaders Easter Egg in Notepad++

  1. Launch the newest version of Notepad++
  2. Open a brand new file and sort “space invaders” (without quotes), choose it and press F1

Notepad++ Hidden Secret Easter Egg "Space Invaders"


  1. Fix macro taking part in back crash issue on new accessorial “find previous” and “find next” buttons.
  2. operate List enhancement: Highlight this operate supported indicator position.
  3. Fix crash on artisan dialog of User outlined Language dialog.
  4. Fix file standing detection issue beneath Windows XP
  5. Ghost typewriting enhancement: Unicode, syntax lightness and speed support.
  6. (check the uniform resource locator for the usage of ghost typewriting on the command line: )
  7. Add a message from space.