Welcome to another notepad + + tutorial so today I will show you how we can remove duplicate lines with notepad plus plus so are you ready let’s get started.

The First way is to delete the Duplicate Line with Notepad

Actually in order to remove duplicate lines you have two options the first one is to use plugin, so I will go to my plugins menu then show the plugin manager and in the list of available plugins called choose text FX, so check the box and install it. I have to restart my not bad path bus or click yes.Remove Duplicate Lines with NotepadSo after restarting you will notice new menu has appeared which called text effects. I will go to that menu then text effects tools. You have to make sure that the two options sort ascending and sort output orally unique lines are checked when you select your text using for example shortcut ctrl-a then your turn back your text effects menu text effects tools. This time you choose short lines to get sensitively as you can see how the line that contains the phrase hello how are you has been removed because they were duplicated okay.Remove Duplicate Lines with Notepad

The Second Way is to Delete Duplicate With Notepad

The second method that we can use is actually to use regular expressions. So this is my initial text as you can see we have three duplicate nodes here hello how are you in the first line and in the third line and in the fifth line. So in order to remove these duplicate lines. I will go this time to my search menu then replace and interpolate stop in the film find what I have to paste this expression here ok. Remove Duplicate Lines with NotepadWe make sure that the field replaced with is blank and also we have to make sure that regular expression is chosen and the checkbox matches your line is checked then I hit replace all okay.

Then I close as you can see the duplicate lines has been removed. This is very useful if you want to remove duplicate lines using regular expressions as always I hope it has been informative for you and I want to thank you