Today I’m going to show you how to validate XML file using notepad plus plus. So already let’s get started so, first of all, we need to install a plugin so our open notepad plus plus and as always I go to my plugins menu then plugin manager. Then show plugin manager and here in the list of available plugins I will choose to XML tools as you can see. Here so our select this option here and I will install it ok.validate XML file using notepadThe plugin is being installed of course we need to restart notepad plus plus here we go okay so now that our Bracken is installed will notice another menu has been added to the plugins menu which called XML tools. validate XML file using notepadSo in order to use this menu here so our open just an XML sample so our open this XML file here so as you can see it’s not really formatted. The first lines actually are very long and it’s it’s untidy so in order to format it so I will go to my plugins manager or plugins menu actually then XML tools then I’ll choose pretty print XML only with line breaks okay. So here we go as you can see how our XML file is really formatted and we can read it really clearly ok.validate XML file using notepadWe can also validate next a man file against schema or x SD fine, so I’ll show you how you can do that so for example list let’s open this sample XML file here and let’s validate it against a schema so in order to validate this XML file. I’ll go to the XML tools menu then I will hit validate now as you can see here okay. I have to provide the schema or an x SD file so I will go to choose the right one which is on my desktop here we go I’ll open it and I will hit OK.validate XML file using notepadNow it shows me that schema or the XML file is actually valid so let’s try to add for example another element that has not existed in the schema. I’ll just for example copy this line here and add another element that did not exist in our College just elements elephants. Let’s try now to validate it against the same schema so as always plugins then examine two moons then provided. Now so normally I should have an error because this element doesn’t exist on our schema and here we go this is an error the element actually is not expected so the schema helps me to validate actually the element of an XML five.validate XML file using notepadSo this is a pretty nice plugin that you can use if you are working a lot with an XML file. For example, it can also check the syntax of the XML file and of course as we have seen previously it can format an XML file. That was just a brief introduction to this really interesting plugin that you can use if you are dealing with the XML file as always I hope has been informative for you and I want to thank you.