Okay, therefore, this may be directions on but you choose on the where is my Notepad in Windows 10. If you of late upgraded from Windows 7 or Windows 8 you nearly actually notice that things do not appear to be where they previously were toWhere is my notepad Located

  1. The select pad just goes all the manner all the way down to the left-hand corner and click on on on the windows icon from there select.
  2. Apps from there you’d prefer to scroll all the means that all the manner all the way down to W once. You get to W select windows accessories in accessories you need to see notepad just click on a notepad.
  3. Open if you are doing not want to travel through the complete methodology yet again of rummaging the windows menu. You will select all apps yet again scroll backtrack to W then the windows accessories yet again then you will right click on a notepad.
  4. You have several decisions presently you will pin it to start out standing primarily once you click on the windows icon there’s no path chosen in their name.

You’ll be ready to right-click yet again and pin it the taskbar is that the button bar there and you’ll see notepad I see it’s accessible. Presently or it’s conjointly another alternative you will right-click yet again and you may select open file location’ once that opens you’ll right-click on the notepad. And you may select send to desktop manufacture road it needs to presently appear on your desktop.

So primarily is that these four decisions for notepad very easy select it where they going for Windows menu which is primarily. But you use associate open notepad in Windows 10 thanks.